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Schools & Education

Good hygiene is vital to creating a dynamic learning environment for staff, students and visitors alike.

With premises and equipment being put to the test every day, intensely used during busy break times, it is a constant challenge for caretakers to maintain hygiene standards. This is critical as it will help reduce the transmission of illnesses and support a smoother academic journey.

Protect your hygiene standards and make a difference to your results

  • Reduce staff illnesses and the resulting additional cost for supply teachers.
  • Protect your reputation and keep enrolment levels up whilst attracting quality teaching staff.
  • Avoid fines or lost revenue due to noncompliance with hygiene regulations.

Solutions tailored to make a difference

At Initial, we take pride in delivering the highest levels of service to enable you to keep your premises looking & smelling good.

Encourage better hygiene amongst pupils, students or staff.

  • Super hygienic, robust ranges of washroom dispensers.
  • Air fresh solutions to enhance high traffic environments.
  • Hand hygiene solutions to reduce the spread of germs.
  • Discreet and dependable service flexed around your needs.